Pharma Catering

It Takes Two to Tango

It may be an over-used cliché, but we at Casa Mia’s Catering know that our success depends in large part to our customers’ confidence, satisfaction, and repeat business. Because this success is a two-way interaction, we have revamped our loyalty program to benefit our valued customers.

Casa Mia’s proudly introduces its new catering loyalty program. We have partnered with Tango Cards to reward our loyal catering customers. Earn 5% of gross purchases in
rewards which you choose from over eighty major retailers and web sites. E-cards are issued automatically in $100.00 increments once the threshold is reached. You
may use the entire amount with one retailer, or, split the amount between multiple retailers.

For more information, please call Steve Wiegmann at (410) 931-0200.

Attention EZ Cater Customers:

Did you know that you may order directly from Casa Mia’s using our online ordering system? Using our system offers the following advantages:

• Direct communication with Casa Mia’s,

• No delivery or utensils charges,

• Exclusive access to pharmaceutical representative pricing (entire meal from entrée through dessert and beverages is priced per person, making budgeting easier),

• Access to emails offering new items, specials, and contests.

• Easy retrieval of receipts for expense reports, and

• Inclusion in Casa Mia’s rewards program. We offer 7% of gross purchases on an e-card which may be redeemed at over 80 different retailers or websites.

I invite you to log on to the website ( and compare Casa Mia’s system to the system you are currently using to place your orders.

Should you have any questions, or need any additional information, you may contact me at (410) 931-0200 Monday through Friday from 5:00am to 1:00pm.

As always, we look forward to providing superior catering services to you our customer.

Steve Wiegmann
Catering Manager